We all have days where we don’t feel too beautiful - and that can be extra hard when we’re bombarded with stunning images of gorgeous celebs.  If you’re wondering how stars look so flawless all the time, it’s likely because they’ve had a little help.  No we’re not talking plastic surgery (though some may have had a bit of that, too).  We’re talking airbrushing - and these crazy pictures show just how extreme it can be.  Click ‘Next’ to see some of the most airbrushed celebs.

Image: shutterstock.com

 Jessica Alba

She’s got a figure that most women would kill for.  In fact, Jessica Alba made our list of ‘Fittest Celebs.’  But apparently even a body like Jess’s isn’t safe from the airbrush.  These photo editors worked their magic on the actress, giving her perkier boobs, narrower hips, and a more defined waist.

Image: cdn.styleblazer.com

 Christina Aguilera

We’ve been trained to recognize that most magazine photos and advertisements are airbrushed, but certain celebs have started to unleash Photoshop on their Instagram pics!  Case and point: this Oscar photo fail from Christina Aguilera.  Does she really think that she’s fooling anybody?

Image: cdn.styleblazer.com

 Megan Fox

She’s already suspected of going under the knife, so add in some major airbrushing and Megan Fox doesn’t look human.  The ‘Transformer’s star got a little extra hair and makeup help from the digital effects team for this photoshoot, making her look like an animated version of herself.

Image: cdn.styleblazer.com

 Faith Hill

Her country music career spans more than two decades, but Faith Hill is still one of the best looking singers in the industry.  However, she’s almost unrecognizable on this Redbook cover.  Not only have they completely removed all of the character from her face, Faith’s back has been whittled away while her arm was thinned out and stretched.

Image: cdn.styleblazer.com

 Keira Knightley

Airbrushing is much cheaper than plastic surgery - plus there’s no recovery time!  The team behind this ad gave actress Keira Knightley a boob job after this photoshoot.  They also threw in smoother skin and a tan.  If these effects worked in real life, I’d want the team behind this poster at my house STAT!

Image: pinimg.com

 Penelope Cruz

There is so much Photoshop happening in this picture that Penelope should’ve saved herself some time and skipped hair and makeup altogether.  If this is the amount of airbrushing one of Hollywood’s best looking celebs gets after a photoshoot, it’s no surprise we have unrealistic beauty standards.

Image: cdn.styleblazer.com

 Kourtney Kardashian

At first glance, you may not notice that this photo was taken at the same photoshoot - but it most certainly was!  However a few details have been tweaked with the help of a little (ok, a LOT of) airbrushing.  The color of Kourtney’s dress and lipstick are different, and the reality star’s post-delivery bump completely disappeared.  Even the baby had a little work done - her sweater’s a different color, too! Are you sure she doesn’t need lip gloss?

Image: cdn.styleblazer.com

 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is 45 years old.  She’s given birth to TWINS for goodness sake.  That’s in real life though, not the digital world where airbrushing resides.  This is either some MAJOR photoshop, or Mimi has invented a time machine and brought her 23 year old self to present day just for photoshoots.

Image: cdn.styleblazer.com

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