Being pregnant is far from glamorous - there’s midnight cravings, morning sickness, and the constant struggle to dress your body’s ever-changing shape. But you can’t forget that pregnancy glow - and the amazing little miracle that you get in the end. Sure pregnancy can be stressful, but these celebs make it look good. Click ‘Next’ to see 10 adorable celebrity baby bumps.


Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is one of Hollywood’s most stylish celebs, and her maternity style landed her on top of plenty of ‘Best Dressed’ lists. The Scandal star welcomed her daughter, Isabelle, in April of this year, with husband Nnamdi Asomugha. In August, Kerry told Jimmy Kimmel that she named her baby after her grandmother. The talk show host reportedly sent the actress a shipment of barbecue from La Barbecue in Austin, Texas. “There’s nothing more kind to do for a pregnant lady than [sending her] a box full of frozen deliciousness. It was amazing,” Kerry said. [ABC News]