Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise gets a lot of flack for his involvement in the Church of Scientology.  But religious weirdness aside, the actor sounds like a pretty good dude.  In 2006, Tom and his former wife Katie Holmes stopped to help a couple who had been in a car crash, waiting with them until the police and fire department arrived.  Two years later, the ‘Top Gun’ star helped a paparazzo who slipped and fell while trying to take his photo.  Later in 2008, Tom stopped to help a woman whose car was stuck in a snow bank in Telluride, Colorado, using his Hummer to tow her car.

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Amy Winehouse

We remember Amy Winehouse as an amazing vocalist, and a talented musician who unfortunately succumbed to her demons.  However, many people forget that she’s also a life saver - literally!  While in St. Lucia, Amy saved a woman from drowning who had fallen off a boat and hit her head.  The ‘Back to Black’ singer scooped her up, showered her off, and wrapped up her wounds.

Amy Winehouse
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