Harrison Ford
Image: DenisShumov / Shutterstock.com

Being rescued by a sexy celeb doesn’t just happen in the movies.  A few very lucky people have had a hot Hollywood star come to their aid - and in some cases, save their life!  These stars’ good deeds have earned them hero status.

Paris Hilton

“Hero” may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Paris Hilton, but we do have to admire the reality star for saving a cage full of bunnies at her local pet store.  Seeing 20 adorable bunnies set aside as snake food, Paris bought them all to save them from their fate.  They’re now happily living in her backyard.

Paris HiltonImage: Vyacheslav Kasyanov / Shutterstock.com

Ryan Kwanten

He may have played a blundering cop on T.V., but in real life, Ryan Kwanten can definitely serve and protect.  The hunky actor was driving his car in Hollywood when he spotted a man in the middle of the road who was bloody and unable to move.  Immediately jumping out of his vehicle, Ryan shouted for help, was able to get the man to the sidewalk, and stayed by his side until help arrived.

Ryan Kwanten
Image: Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com