It is no secret that Hollywood marriages have more than their share of unhappy endings. Unfortunately, a lot of times, there are little kids who get lost in the celeb drama. Here are some famous celeb custody cases where one of the parents ended up losing the battle.

1.  Usher and Tameka Foster

After their marriage ended in 2009, Tameka originally had shared custody of sons Usher Raymond V (b. 2007) and Naviyd Eli (b. 2008). In 2009, Tameka suffered a medical scare in Sao Paulo, Brazil after having liposuction, which was the catalyst for the divorce action. When Tameka’s son from a previous relationship, Kile, was killed in an accident in 2012, Usher believed his home would be safer for their two sons. A judge agreed, and he was granted primary custody in 2013 of his boys, now 8 and 6 ½. It hasn’t been without controversy, as a near drowning of Cinco, as the oldest is nicknamed, put the couple back in court. Again, the judge sided with Usher.